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It’s happening online !

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Internet , social media and online encyclopedias have been around for quite a while now .Websites like Wikipedia and You tube have changed the way people access information all over the world .These changes have altered the learning process making our jobs as students easier and more interesting .However , most of the time when looking  into a specific topic online ,what you find is : millions of google results , thousands of articles and videos and an infinitely long list of links and websites.This has made learning something online kind of a difficult and confusing task especially for technical and scientific topics where sources of information often lack credibility .

But don’t worry, today I’ve got your back !  Or perhaps i should say : the internet has it  ! Here is a list of the best websites that will take your online learning to next level !


Edx is by far my favorite website for online courses. What sets edx a part from the others is the fact that today , it’s the only website offering free subjet matter from top universities , colleges and schools from around the world , including MIT,Harvard and Microsoft .Courses are very different from one another and cover a wide variety of topics (Maths , CS, Physics , Biology, Arts, Languages , Economics …). You can choose to take the course for free or pay for a verified completion certificate with the institution’s logo to verify your achievement and hopefully increase your job prospects.


Unlike the other websites , courses at Coursera aren’t free . You need to pay a fee to take the course and get the certificate.However the courses are much more organised and you get complete series of courses to get a deeper understanding of the topic you want to study and really master the skills needed .The website also offers a wider variety of topics and the courses on Coursera were specifically designed to be online courses .That means that the content is more suitable for online learning, making online learning a much more interesting experience .

Some universities also offer online versions of their real courses as a part of OpenCourseWare. Here  you can even get real university credit at very reasonable tuition rates.Here are the ones from MIT and Harvard :



If you don’t have time to take a full length course , Youtube can be a great option to educate yourself on the go .Here are some of the channels I recommend :







Khan Academy

Happy learning !

By Mohammed Megzari