Month: October 2016

Grow a Mo, save a Bro

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What if growing out your moustache could actually be cool and save lives? This November is the month to get involved.  Since its creation in  2003, the Movember Foundation has worked to raise money and awareness regarding men’s health. Indeed, 1 in 8 men will get diagnosed with prostate cancer at one stage in their lifetime and 2 300 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year in France. These numbers have been increasing for the past 50 years drastically. The reason is the lack of self-awareness among young men, especially 25-45 year olds.

The deal is to shave all facial hair (even your head if you are feeling brave enough) at the begining of November and to let it grow during the month. The money you would normally spend on your grooming routine can be donated to the foundation.

For those up for a more extreme challenge, you can put your moustache up for sale! Whoever is the highest bidder will get to choose which colour you dye your facial hair or can even shave it into a funny shape. The money raised from the challenges can also be donated. If you cannot grow facial hair, whether you are a woman or even a hairless man, you can still participate by wearing a fake moustache or even a wig of some sort.

On the 1st of November, we hope to have every SCAN student participating but of course everybody is invited to join us and raise awareness for the cause.

Aurelien's moustache

Aurélien Bil :  “This year, I have never felt more up for the challenge!” 

Please find enclosed the link towards Movember Foundation’s website and more specifically, the donation page for the SCAN team :


Charlotte Arnould & Chloe Browne

The Last Days of the Double Mixte

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The huge complex next to the Insa Restaurant have been hosting a variety of events since 1988. The double mixte is one of the landmark of our campus. In a few years it became the third event hoster in Lyon. It has 10 000 m²  spread out on 2 floors enabling different kind of events to take place : Meetings, competitive exams, huge concerts and music festival, exhibitions.

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For those living in the C, you certainly heard the walls roaring from the astronomically powerful soundsystem deployed in those events. Thanks to the double mixte, some of the biggest parties in Lyon are organised just next to our doorstep. But this situation is not going to last long : after 28 years of occupation, this infrastructure is coming to its end.

The Double Mixte was built thanks to INSA. In the 80’s one of INSA’s association (CAST) started organizing huge exhibitions to display technical material. An investor came to visit this exhibition and estimated that it could be worth to build a complex dedicated to this event. Now it is used 250 days a year, hosting more than 150 events, it can welcome up to 3000 people.

This building is viewed differently by the campus population. Some students see it as a nuisance during festivals, when hundreds of drunk people party until 6 am. Others see it as a key element of the campus since it brings animation, huge music events, and some other kind of event that really spice up Doua’s cultural life. No matter what you might think about this edifice, it is maybe about to get wiped out of our sight.

Jacob events, one of the great events organized in the double mixte : roaring techno and blazing lights

Indeed the news was released a the end of july that a new real estate developer had bought the Double Mixte : DCB International, reknown for their work of rehabilitation of multiple buildings across Lyon. They worked on a good part of Confluence rehabilitation project, the new Headquarters of Alstom, Adecco, Candia and Sanofi Pasteur. They bought the Double Mixte but didn’t release a clear declaration on its future.

In the near future DCB International have the project of keeping Jacques Chalvin (previous owner and manager) and his team, as head and organizers of the multiple events. In the meantime they annouced their will to modernize the old infrastructure and cleanse it from possible asbestos contamination. The long term project is to transfer all the event to the new ASVEL arena that will be built around 2020 near the Astroballe, at the extreme south east of Villeurbanne. DCB didn’t confirm that information but when all the events will be transferred, they may raze the building, destroying a big landmark of our campus. Until this day happens, try to enjoy the parties and events that take place below your windows.

Romain Labarthe, Louis Cancedda, Adrien Jaccon


LoL University Championship : first win for INSA Lyon

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Last sunday took place the first game of the Eponyx University Championship, opposing CPE Lyon and INSA Lyon. This competition gathers 14 French universities divided into 2 leagues : the Elite league & the National league. Each college is facing another one every week on the video game League of Legends®.

For those who didn’t know, League of Legends® is the most played online game with a community of nearly 100 million players. This MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena), realeased in 2009 by Riot Games, has become as popular as common sports (such as soccer, tennis…) ; for instance, the 2015 LoL World Championship has been followed by 32 millions spectators, and putting a $1 million dollar cash prize at stake.

The goal of the game is to besiege the ennemy base and destroy it. Therefore, the 5 teammates are going to establish a strategy to achieve this purpose. Here is the most famous strategy at the moment : one player on the top lane, one in the jungle, one on the middle lane and two on the bot lane :


This is the strategy used by our school team, composed of Corentin Bel (PCC1), Aurélien Bil (SCAN 2nd), Rémi Montaigne (SCAN 2nd), Jean-Baptiste Blache (PCC2) and Corentin le Devedec (3TC). After a 37-minute match, INSA Lyon won hardly against CPE Lyon.



The next step is next sunday at 7pm against UTT (Université de Technologie de Troyes) and if you want to see their progress, you can watch the matches on this link.


Aurélien Bil & François Ruillé

Point A vs Prévert: Clash of breakfasts

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At INSA, there are only 2 places where you can have your daily breakfast : the Prévert and the Point A. But, which one is the best to start your scandalous day ?

In order to answer this question, we will compare the interior, the localisation  and of course the quantity of food.

Point A menu:

  • 2 breads with butter, jam or spreadsmiley-down
  • An orange juice or a fruit
  • A hot beverage

Prevert menu:

  • 2 breads with butter, jam or spread
  • A yoghurtphotofunky-1
  • An orange juice AND unlimited number of fruits (if remaining)
  • Free refill hot beverage

According to the given menu, you can enjoy your breakfast at Prevert but if you go to the Point A, you may leave a bit disappointed.

+1 for the Prévert.

Prévert 1 – 0 Point A

But what about the inside of the restaurant ?
First, the point A is a little room of about 30 m², with some stand-up tables. The main issue is that you can’t eat without being squeezed up. It’s a bit uncomfortable when you woke up 10 minutes before and you just want to be peaceful.

This is exactly the opposite situation at the Prévert : you have about 100m² with many standard tables (therefore with chairs), so you can totally enjoy your breakfast. That’s why we’re giving this point to the Prévert.

+1 for Prévert

Prévert 2 – 0 Point A

Now, let’s look at the location of the restaurants :


Located in the “bâtiment A”, which is at 50 meters from the First Cycle’s buildings and 30 meters from “Bâtiment B”, you can’t find a better deal to have an “Eat & Go”. The legend says that you can wake up at 7:58am and not even be in a hurry.

Even if the Prévert can be cool to chill out while eating, we have to assume that it isn’t well placed. With a 12 minute-journey each morning, you’re getting tired of it very rapidly.

+1 for Point A.

Prévert 2 – 1 Point A

According to the SCAN web redaction team, the Prévert seems to be the winner of this clash but indeed, the choice is still yours.


François Ruillé & Aurélien Bil


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After a scandalous INSA integration, the SCAN people invaded the small city of Giron, in a very intimate atmosphere from the 17 of September to the 18 of September.

At our arrival, students took possession of their room in the cottage that would host two generations of SCAN students for the next two days.

In spite of the rain and the biting cold, the afternoon was dedicated to outside games. Much to our surprise, these games involved dodge-ball with a salmon fish head, the “try not to laugh” contest with a mouth full of water, digging candy in flour and steal the bacon with a dead squid. The organizers (so called “Orga”) had planned out on the domain the games in a playful atmosphere and had everyone divided in teams of eight.

The squid

To finish it off, an integration weekend is nothing unless everyone is socking wet and dirty. In order to rectify this point, the second year student had the pleasure to throw paint and water balloons at the first after all the group photos were taken. The photo says it all, the weekend was fun.

Wet and dirty

After two hours in the cold and a much needed hot shower, the highlight of the WISC began: cutting each others hair. This year the horrible weather forced the students to do it inside the cottage, enabling the Orga team to spend a few hours sweeping. For those who prefered pimping rather than shaving their hair, the Orga had planned multiple hair dyes, and bleach. The bravest chose to mix colors and haircuts, a perfect recipe.

Haircuts by Valentin Virion

Obviously, after the dinner  we had the party everyone had been waiting for. This year’s theme party was fluorescence. With UV LED bars, fluorescent paint, every clothes which had fluorescence colors were brighter.

We thank Arthur Saunier and K-Le Son (an INSA association), we had all the equipment we needed to party all night long: a powerful sound system and a lot of lights. Finally the party was sick and everybody enjoyed that night.

This year the WISC was spent indoors, the sky was gray and the air was cold, but it didn’t matter. The SCAN people had a great time in this huge cottage,  first and second year student meeting each other.  It was a great integration weekend even though the environment was not with us.

Adrien Jaccon, Romain Labarthe, Charlotte Arnould