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Lyon Christmas Market

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Christmas Market

And it’s this time of the year again! Winter is surely coming, but above all Christmas is. And if ever you have time to wander in Lyon, you should head for the Place Carnot, where the Christmas Market is held from November 25 to December 24.

Fairy lights, bulbs… The whole place is covered in decorations to bring the Christmas spirit to life. There are no less than 140 chalets (wooden houses originally from the mountainous regions) to discover. You’ll find there the work of artisans and traders. Various local products are displayed, going from handcrafted toys to Christmas decorations, and of course produces. But even if you don’t count on buying stuff, you can go there for the free activities. Those include performances of magicians, charity sales, various exhibitions… Some well-informed people even affirm that if you show up at Place Carnot at the right time, you’ll even get a chance to see Santa Claus himself!

For more practical information (and to be sure to approach Santa Claus), check out the website of the event.

Opening hours:
10:30 am – 8:00 pm everyday
Extended to 10:00 pm on Saturdays
10:30 am – 4:00 pm on December 24
Could be modified due to November 13 events

Tech Talk: Bitwalking Dollar, a digital currency earned by walking

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Most people have already heard about Bitcoin, the most wide-spread digital currency. It can be used akin to regular currencies on many websites to buy goods or services directly, or it can also be traded on stock exchanges with euros and dollars to make it usable anywhere in the real world. However, it does have many specifities, the most important one being that each Bitcoin “wallet” is completely anonymous, which explains why Bitcoin has been the go-to money transferring system used for illegal activities such as the selling of drugs or weapons on the Tor network.

Shortly after the creation of Bitcoin, many other digital currencies (also called crypto-currencies) have been appearing across the web, either serving as a simple replacement to Bitcoin or bringing a special concept with them. Recently, one of the latters, the Bitwalking Dollar (BW$), has received much support from mainly Japanese companies, gathering a total of $10m dollars which should help fund the central bank for the currency.

The particularity of the BW dollar lies in the novel concept of people having to walk to obtain it (the current value is set to approximately 10,000 steps for 1 BW$). The number of steps travelled is measured by an app that users will have to install on their phone. In order to try and prevent scamming, the app is set to use many different metrics such as the accelerometer, the gyroscope, the GPS and the network connections of the device, though it remains unclear whether this will suffice to kill any attempt at cheating the system. To prevent abuses while the system is being tried, the daily revenue will be limited to 3 BW$ for the early stages of the project.

Initally, users will be able to choose amongst different products to spend their coins on in an online shop managed by the creators of the project. They should also be able to trade their Bitwalking dollars for real-world currency, with the beginning exchange rate being set at 1 BW$ = 1 US$. Many have voiced concerns over the potential fall of the value of the currency with respect to the US dollar as more currency is being created and put into circulation via the app. Other crypto-coins are known to have tackled this problem by proportionally increasing the difficulty in obtaining/generating new coins, which we imagine could be done for Bitwalking Dollars as well by increasing the number of steps required to acquire 1 BW$

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Inside Out – Back to childhood

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Ok we may be a bit late on that one… We just have to say this article is made to celebrate the DVD release of the movie!

Inside Out is the last Disney-Pixar concept animated movie. You may think this kind of film is made for children only, but you are totally wrong! I’m even going to say Inside Out is too complicated to be fully understood by someone under twelve years old. The first thing to say about this film is that the visuals are incredible, this is gorgeous movie with very original scenery ideas. We follow at the same time a little girl named Riley and the interactions between her emotions inside her head: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Fear during a complicated time in her life. This usualy happy child moves with her parents from the Minnesota to San Fransisco and has to leave her friends, house and habbits behind. This is a very deep film about childhood, growing up and depression. The children will love the colorfull and funny aspects of the movie, whereas the old ones will be impressed by the feelings’ analysis and touched by the situation they may have already experienced.

This moving makes an amazing job in explaining -obviously with sweet metaphors and illustartions- how the brain works, the mechanisms of dreams and even deals with phylosophical ideas, for instance it represents the subconscient exactly as Freud does. Many pedopsychatrists were really impressed by the way the child depression is described, and the movie is already studied and used in some psychology university in the US.

I let you with the trailer. See you next week !

Written by Ilona Duciel

Paris Attacks

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We think everyone knows what happened in Paris on Friday 13th. But still, we feel the need to write about it on our website. Because we simply cannot not mention it.

It had to be a normal Friday night in the French capital city. People were enjoying their evening: some went to see the friendly France-Germany football game at the Stade de France, others were hanging out with friends in restaurants or went to a concert at Bataclan. Happy times. Around 9 PM, a series of attack started in six different places. Three bombs exploded near the stadium. Almost at the same time, mass shootings and suicide bombing occurred in four different streets of the 10th and 11th arrondissements. But the worst was still to come: at 9:45, the Bataclan theater, where the band the Eagles of Death Metal was performing, was taken into hostage. Some of the spectators managed to escape, but 89 of them lost their lives there. The current total death toll is, as of today, 129 victims.

As many have already said, those attacks were not against Paris itself but against humanity. Last week on the INSA Lyon campus, there was a special atmosphere.

We all feel heartfelt sorrow for the victims and their relatives. On Monday 16th, the whole staff and every student of INSA Lyon observed a minute of silence to pay homage to them. Let’s hope that we’ll never have to face such events again.


Written by: Susie Repellin and Laurie Jacot

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – A crazy but awesome new TV show!

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As you may know, september is not only the beginning of your paintful student year. This is also the time of the year where new TV series come to life. A lot of them won’t pass through their first year and be cancelled by heartless channels. To avoid the cancellation, the networks have to be more and more inventive and original! That’s why, from time to time, we encounter some very stange shows… The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is definetly one of them!

This comedy is broadcasted on the CW channel, and is totally unique. This is a musical show like no others (very different from Glee or Smash). Everybody won’t appriciate the offbeat side of it, and this is not a show to recommend to everyone. However this is reeeaaally funny! We follow a young woman called Rebecca who obviously has to deal with some mental issues from her childhood. This successfull lawyer takes a fresh star and ruins her carreer to be reunited with her highschool crush at the other end of the country, the very stupid and superficial Josh. Rebecca is touching, human, clumsy and a bit crazy but you will like her at the first sight! The secondary characters you meet in her new town are as delightfull as her. The scenario is not as complicated and twisted as the one from Game of Thrones or House of Cards but we willingly sink in this pretentiousless story. The incredible actress playing the main role is also writing the scripts, the lyrics of the songs and performs a lot of them. This woman is really amazing and impressive.

Ok the season has just started, it is still a bit early to identify a masterpiece but this show took a very good start. If you’re a bit reticent, just watch the pilot episode, give it a chance!
For now you can just look at this indescrible trailer:

Enjoy and see you next week !


Written by Ilona Duciel

INSA Association forum

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This year, more than 130 associations will welcome INSA students in their stands, to initiate the future engineers to different domains : Sport, humanities, arts…

Every edition of this amazing forum, represent a good opportunity for new comers to find out about the latest associative offers, integrate the sociale life at INSA and have fun.

The Bot’Insa, is the booklet for Insa’s association. It mainly gives the updated presentation and the contact information of each association. One can distinguish, a high range of associations in each domain, thus creating a diversity within the INSA community.

Animation : 7 \ Arts : 17  assoc\ International Culture : 14 \  Departments and studies : 14 \   Social and humanities : 11 \   Hobbies : 5   \  Sport : 26  \  Technical and scientific : 8  \  Other associations : 7

Normally, the associative life is a compulsory element at INSA, considering the fact that commitment and association membership represent a fortunate opportunity for students to show their talent while working on their personal improvement.

For more information, check the link :

Written by : BOULAAJAJ Zineb

Movie theaters in Lyon

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Hi everyone,

So, you just arrived in Lyon and you want to go to see the last Star Wars??

But problem… you don’t speak french fluently yet. Don’t worry, here you’ll find a list of movie theaters that project most of their movies in original version.

Here they are:

  • UGC Ciné Cité internationale
  • UGC Ciné Cité Confluence
  • Pathé Lyon – Bellecour
  • La Fourmi
  • Cinéma Comoedia

If you want the program of these movie theaters, follow this link:

Movie theaters in Lyon

Have fun!


Written by Arthur Saunier

The Martian: A movie out of this world

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the martian

We are engineering students, hence we all love Sci-fi. Even if it’s not true, you should still see this movie. You could think it’ just another American blockbuster that takes place in space (and it is) but The Martian is a real pleasure to watch. The movie seems more scientifically accurate than most of its peers. And Despite the circumstances the movie still remains funny and joyful (the 70’s music playing along is a good example) and you might learn some new motivational catchphrases for your next DS .

If you never heard about this movie and would like to know what it is about, here’s what you need to know:During a mission to Mars that went wrong, Astronaut Mark Watney is left behind and presumed dead by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the red planet.As there are only few leftover supplies he has to manage to survive on this planet and make contact with earth to find rescue.  

Written by Marie-Lou Orsini

007 is Back!

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Daniel Craig is back in the role of the famous James Bond 007.
He is joined in this movie by Monica Belluci, Léa Seydoux and Christoph Waltz playing the bad guy!

The 24th movie of the franchise will see the spie trying to take down the secret organization known as SPECTRE, all alone as the “00” program is being shut down.

Here is the latest trailer:

Will James Bond succeed in his mission?? Answer on the 11th of November in movie theater!


Written by Arthur Saunier

May the Force be with you!

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Hi guys!

You might have noticed the hype around Star Wars VII. Since we SCAN love English, I selected you the 3 cinemas in Lyon where you can watch the movie in Original Version!
Here they are:

• UGC Ciné Cité Confluence
• UGC Ciné Cité Internationale
• Pathé Lyon – Bellecour

Confluence is quite far, but the good thing is you can go there directly with the tram T1: leave at the station “Hôtel de Région Montrochet”.
Internationale is near the Parc de La Tête D’Or. Easy to access with a Velo’v, but I would bet my arm that none of them will be available at 6pm.

You can book your tickets on
Notice that movies will be in 3D, otherwise you’ll have to see them in the French version.

Personally, I’ll be at Confluence at 8:30pm.
Enjoy your movie, and

May the Force be with you!

Written by Arthur Clément