Month: May 2015

What’s Up? #12

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May the events be with you!

As you most likely know, May is filled with time to kill as a lyonnais.

Indeed, this week is packed with events organized by associations.

Here’s a list prepared for you so that you get to see the sunlight:

If you want to participate in the organization of the most awaited festival of the year, the 24h of INSA, you still have a chance to join the organization team or to ask them questions on May 6th.


If you prefer something laid back to do before the weekend, you can enjoy this classic theater play reenacted by the Theater 2nd year section. There are representations every night this week.


Okay, it’s too late to participate in this one, but it’s stiill interesting to know that many interesting people are coming at INSA to share their experience.


You know what it is. And we hope that we’ll be as many SCANs as possible.


If you want to enjoy another type of party, Exit, the LGBT organization of the campus, organizes a party at the K-fêt. Several pop-rock bands will come and play; and if you are interested in this kind of cause, members of more global organizations such as “SOS Homophobie”  will come and present their work.


If you want to join the Forum Organisation, or simply learn more about it, there’s an amphi the 12th of May.


Finally, if you want to please you ears with music from the whole world, you can go to this concert organized by the AMI.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.


Follow the Arrow


The season 3 of Arrow is about to end (on the 13th of may). This series tells the story of Oliver Queen. He is the first son of a very wealthy family but his life changes the day his yacht sinks. He is stranded on an island and supposed dead by everyone. Over there he faces many danger and strengthens himself. He learn how to handle a bow and to fight. When he manages to return home, he decides to wear a mask and to make his city a better place acting as a vigilante.
All along the series he will try to get accepted as a symbol of justice, try to help people and find companions for his fight.

This series deals with many characters of the DC comics univers, and the series « The Flash » is actually a spin-off as he acquired his power in a « Arrow » episode.

So if you like superhero stories now is the time to begin watching it as the 3 season is nearly ended.


Written by: Alexandre Bento, Samory Ka, Xavier Mackré, Anh Pham