Month: April 2015

What’s Up? #11

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

If you like superhero movies, you will probably be interested in this one.
Marvel Studios managed to make the scenario of Avengers absorbing and really epic, all the characters are engaging, the special effects are up to the challenge, and the fight scenes are fascinating.

The scenario is based on an artificial intelligence, discovered by Tony Stark and Dr Banner, which was supposed to enhance Stark’s defense program: Ultron.
But Ultron quickly turned against the Avengers, and found that he had to eliminate all humans to save Earth.

Here is the latest trailer of Avengers: Age of Ultron to help you know what you can expect:

So if you liked the first Avengers movie, and you think this one will be cool, don’t hesitate to watch it!


Daredevil: A blinding success

Daredevil is a TV series created by Netflix, and adapted from the eponymous Marvel comics.

It relates the story of Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil). As a child, he was blinded by chemical radioactive products which enabled him to develop his other senses to a supernatural level. In real life he’s a lawyer but at night he uses his extraordinary abilities to fight crime. He has no superpower except his human senses pushed beyond limits. Finally, despite his outstanding abilities, he remains human and interesting.

This series currently encounters a great success both with critics and public. It is the ninth highest rated TV show on IMDb therefore being better ranked than “Better Call Saul” and “House of Cards”.

It is understandable since it has a lot of enjoyable qualities: it is a Marvel series, but is still original; it gives justice to a character that’s been trampled by a bland movie in 2003; it is also well realized and shot with realistic fights.

Moreover, watching this show is an occasion to discover new actors, as the casting doesn’t include very famous actors.

Written by Samory, Alexandre & Xavier.


What’s Up? #10

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Game Of Thrones

Dun dun, dundun duun dun, dun dun duun dun…
You have waited for it. You have lusted for it. You can’t live without it, can you ?
Well rejoice, Game Of Thrones is coming back on HBO on the 12th of April !

Here is a quick recap of season 4 so that you can start the next one peacefully.

Daenerys forms her army to conquer Westeros, but actually stays in one of the cities she conquered to reign over it.
Joffrey died. Yes !
Tyrion is put on trial , kills Shae and his father, and leaves King’s Landing in a boat.
Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch fight at the North wall. Ygritte is killed during the battle. Jon Snow still knows nothing.
Bran and his crew go beyond the wall, hodor along the way, and reach some sort of magic tree.
Arya and the Hound travel, fight, eat all the chickens, and drink; at the end, Brienne comes to “save” Arya and leaves him for dead.
Oberyn tried to get revenge from the Lannisters in King’s Landing and got slayed by the Mountain.

Number of on-screen deaths in the season : 160.
Number of viewer’s hearts shattered : too many.

Save the date:

Are you fan of geek culture ? Have you always wanted to attend a convention but never had the means to go there ? Now is the occasion as this week-end the Japan Touch Haru comes to you ! The « Double Mixte » will be hosting the convention.

For the ones who are interested you will be able to attend conferences, projections, debates…
Moreover you can get your books signed by their author as many of them will be there. Activities will also be organised to entertain the visitors: cosplay contests, concerts and more.

You will also be able to change the decoration of your turne as many exposants will be there to sell their products. They will also sell books, DVDs and more.

So if you are interested we advise you to visit the official website :

Unofficial SCAN BBQ!

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Hey guys!

Tomorrow, an unofficial SCAN Barbecue will be organized, it should take place at the Feyssine, at around 6:30pm. It’s 5€ per person, it would be nice if you could bring them today to the person in charge in your class (at least for the SCAN 2nd, we don’t know how it will be organized for the SCAN 1st).

We hope to see you there!