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What’s Up #9

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Movies that’re UP these days !

KINGSMAN : THE SECRET SERVICE, Matthew Vaughn, (2015)


Kingsman: Services secrets (2014) Poster


This movie has been approved by almost the entire scan section.
It deals with a spy organization, as you might have guessed.
They recruit an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program, at the very same moment a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.
Kingsman is a mixture between action and comedy, the realization is really good and I’m afraid it will make you laugh quite a lot !

By the way, this movie is drawn from The Secret Service, a 2012 spy comic book series written by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.

Next up…

CHAPPIE, Neill Blomkamp, (2015)


Once again, an action/science-fiction movie that we appreciated a lot. Here is the story :
In the near future, crime is patrolled by a mechanized police force. When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself.
From the same director, you might want to check out District 9 (2009), and Elysium (2013).

Carpentier H., Dewit B.

Some informations about the 24 Heures festival

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As you all may have already seen and heard, the 41st edition of the 24 heures de l’INSA will take place the 22/23/24 mai 2015.

Here’s some names of the artists who will rock the house this year :

And more to come soon…

On the friday and saturday evening, you will enjoy the concerts, from 8pm to 4am.

During the day (saturday and sunday), there will be more than 60 animations proposed on the campus. And for free !

And of course, the races will take place during the weekend, starting saturday 2pm.  Running, cycling, swimming, or the 3 at once, no matter if you are a top athlete or not, take part in this incredible adventure !

You can already buy your tickets online : 17€ for the 2 evenings, 11€ for 1. If you possess the VA card, discounted tickets will be on sale from April 6th to 10th.

You can have a look on the website :

The Raid INSA Lyon

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   The raid INSA Lyon is a sport competition held every year in Lyon. It’s mainly organized by the BDE INSA and it involves university students and companies.

   Its 8th edition will occur from 24th to 26th of April in such a wonderful, ambitious and competitive atmosphere.

   For 3 days and 2 nights, 200 contestants will face difficulties, will challenge themselves for pure pleasure, to perform and cooperate with others, – achieving such values means basically triumph -.

   Wait wait … being part of the event is not that easy. First you should get a doctor certification, whether you’ll be able to take part of the event or not, and you should follow a specific training (‘ physical preparation ‘ published in the website ), because the program is pretty tough. Talking about this year program we can resume it in what follows:

J1: 14h-23h: About 50 km of running, 1000 m of made uneven positive.
J2: 8h30 – 16h: About 60 km of running, 2000 m of made uneven positive ( Mainly by VTT).
J3: 8h30 – 15h: (Award Ceremony), about 50 km of running, 1500 m of made uneven positive.

  Eventually, The raid INSA Lyon has many physical benefits, but there are also many benefits that taking part in it can provide, this makes this event an important part of each INSA engineer’s life.

Written by : Boulaajaj Zineb

High Five Meeting

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This is 7th edition of the event where the 6 INSA (Lyon, Rouen, Strasbourg, Rennes, Toulouse and Centre Val de Loire) meet !l_affiche_highfive-small This year, it will take place at the INSA of Rouen, from the 2nd to the 4th April 2015.

Basically, this is a sport meeting : every INSA send a group of students, who compete in 15 individuals and team sport : basketball, volleyball, rugby, handball, football, ultimate, climbing, baseball, judo, raid, badminton, tennis and even cheerleading !

To participate, you just need to be a member of the BDE, and you can already sign up. You can do 3 sports maximum, just be sure the competitions won’t happen at the same time.. Check the schedule to see :

The price is 75€, and it includes everything : inscription to the competitions, parties, all meals, a « welcome-pack», transport and housing.

Beside the sport competitions, you’ll also enjoy 3 parties, with 800 students from the 6 INSA !

What’s up? #8

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Want to join SCAN next year ?

Want to make your english neat and fluent before getting into Mathematical Tools for Engineering Science or Physics lectures ?

Here are a few suggestions of youtube channels, blogs or radios that will make you familiar with the scientific vocabulary you will need at INSA :


 TEDEd provides nice animated videos explaining various interesting phenomena.

DeepSkyVideos, a channel run by Brady Haran, focused on astronomy, space observation.

Sixty Symbols, another channel run by Brady, focused on theoritical physics.

Periodic Videos, yet another channel that will help you nail some of the most important chemistry facts.

 AsapSCIENCE, specialists in popularizing science and world curiosities through funny hand-drawn animated videos.

nottinghamscience, also run by Brady Haran

SmarterEveryDay, youtube channel of a devoted father doing science for his children’s school fundraising.

   VSauce, Redaction’s favorite, will make you discover everything from philosophical concepts to astonishing scientific facts and deep ideas on human  life, and a very wide range of subjects.

mq1.jpg (240×240)

Also one of our favorites, Minute Physics started the hand-drawn scientific videos wave on the web.

scishow-banner.png (4750×1083)

A harder channel to follow, SciShow dives deep into very complete explanations, almost lectures, on chemistry, physics…


A very popular blog dealing with the latest scientific news.

We will let you explore the following channels by yourself !

It’s Okay To Be Smart






Enjoy !

H.Carpentier, B.Dewit

What’s up? #7

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 A bit of culture this week !

Want to hang out with friends this week ? Confluence’s museum is THE perfect place.
First look at the architecture, I’m sure you’ve never seen that before.
So it’s definitely worth seeing it.

As for the content,  there are generally a couple of expositions remaining during the year and some temporary one. It can deal with pretty much anything

For example, at this moment, one of the temporary expositions is about “les trésors d’Emile Guimet”.
The latter is a famous Lyonnais  from the XX th century who created both Lyon and Paris’ museum.
In order to represent Emile Guimet, Conflluence’s museum decided to show his “trésors”, all the elements that he gathered in the past but that have been unfortunately lost during the XXt century.




All these famous art pieces presented at the exposition are coming from “Le musée des Beaux-Art de Lyon”, “Le musée Guimet de Paris” but also from “Le musée du Louvre”.

This temporary exposition is  a tribute to Emile Guimet, who is one the inheritor of Confluence’s museum.

That’s if for today, this was just a taste of what Confluence’s museum looks like.

For more information, concerning prices and so on, don’t hesitate to  check out their website  right here :

See you next week !


‘Au Bout Des Doigts’ Festival

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The Juggling Convention ‘Au Bout Des Doigts’ is back for its 5th edition !


From friday 3rd to monday 6th April, come and see amazing jugglers ! There will be a lot of activities during this Easter weekend : initiation to juggling, circus and fire juggling !

This weekend begin on friday with some initiation just for you and some festive concerts in the evening. On saturday afternoon, you’ll enjoy for sure the juggling parade in Lyon, and the shows & games at Parc du Centre, but also the City Hall and the Lazare Goujon Square in Villeurbanne.

If you have any hidden talents, you can share them on the open stage during the evening.

For the last day, you’ll have the chance to participate to the initiation to circus arts if you missed them before. And during the evening, there’s will be a gala show ! In fact even 2, at 7pm and 10pm, so that you’re sure to come.

Some activities are not free, and you can choose to get a pass for the full weekend, for a day, or just pay for the sessions you want to do. It really is not expensive, and if you pre order, or have the VA card, it is even cheaper. All initiations are free.

Ragda: American Road Trip

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  Ragda which stands for Rhythm Aero Gym & Dance, is a dance association created 10520382_697404743711701_8755156565240037668_oin 1986 at INSA Lyon whose aim is to promote the teaching of different kinds of dancing (Break-dance, step, modern jazz …) and to inspire confidence in a student’s ability to achieve and encourage their personal development through dance.

Ragda organizes also a show dance held every year at CGR La Rotonde. This year it took place between the 4th and the 6th of February. Yeah, it lasts for 3 days, 3 days of joy, energy and music. It is worth mentioning that all the places were sold.

The program of the show, this year was revolving around the American road trip, which reflects a journey across the different dance cultures of USA ( Western saloons, salsa, rock …. ). The whole show gained a funny aspect by introducing a play that represents three gangsters traveling across the USA in search of a way to spend their “stolen money”, facing many hilarious obstacles.

Eventually, This show was a needed escape from the grind, and an opportunity for the students to express themselves and to offer an insight into other cultures. It was so good and astonishing that people got up from their seats to join the dancers and enjoy the show.

Written by : Boulaajaj Zineb

Week of Solidarity: Karnaval Humanitaire

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The 23rd edition of the Karnaval will take place from the 20th to the 28th March. The theme of this year is wooden huts. You will surely notice the big marquee on les Humas. This is where the concerts will take place.

The week will begin with a Folk Ball at the K-Fet on friday night. There will also be various activities around the wooden huts. You’ll be able to build your own, using only wood or recycling materials ! The week will continue with the famous disguised parade in Villeurbanne on thursday, where students and children will participate. On friday, you will enjoy dub/trance bands during the concert. Finally, on saturday, you will be able to see various forms of street art and circus on the campus.

If you are an INSA student, many activities will be free, or at a very low price. No excuses not to come then !