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What’s up? #4

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Let’s have a Brunch !

After 3 months at INSA I can guess that you are sick of the Beurk’s Brunch, aren’t you ?

You would like to wake up sunday morning and be happy to eat some good food, but you are sad because it’s not the case … I am glad to say that this article is made for you. As a good scan student maybe you miss the fantastic brunch eaten when you travelled across England or The United States.

Don’t worry, Lyon is a cosmopolitan city and you will be able to find whatever you are looking for.

For you I made a selection of places to have a great brunch divided in two parts: on one hand the english brunch and on the other hand the american one.

The english brunch:

  •  « The Butcher » located near « Hôtel de Ville » ( on the underground A )
  • « La Tour Rose » located in the old Lyon : this one is a bit expensive but i think you could have a really good brunch

The american Brunch:

  •  « 10 fingers » (Bellecour place ) is the cheapest restaurant, between 6€ and 13€, and you will have coffee offered !
  •  « Café J’Adore » After climbing the slopes of Croix-Rousse you will reach the place to be, you will need to book because there is lot of people
  • « Crêperie Belle île » next to Massena you will eat some pancakes for your breakfast.

TV Show of the week: Christmas Special

Except if you live in a cave, you certainly know that Christmas is coming! Hot chocolate, snow, gifts, music… The best time of the year definitely! If you want to start Christmas a bit in advance, we made you a list of the best Christmas’ TV show episodes.


Friends – 7×10 – The One With The Holiday Armadillo

This episode of Friends remains a classic. A hilarious episode where Ross desperately tries to interest his son Ben to his Jewish side and teach him what is Hanukkah. But what Ben wants is Santa Claus.



The Big Bang Theory – 2×11 – The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

Sheldon worries about the approaching Christmas holidays and his indecision about what gift to get Penny. This is one of the most touching episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is hilarious in this episode and his interactions with Penny are priceless.


Community – 2×11 – Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas

At lunch on the final day of classes, Abed believes that the upcoming Christmas is the most important Christmas ever due to his perception of the entire group as being stop-motion animated. This Abed centric episode is totally awesome thanks to the very well realized stop-motion, and its sweet Christmas spirit.

Doctor Who – Season 5 special – A Christmas Carolimages

Doctor Who is a very special British TV show. If you try it, you will either hate it, or love it (I let you guess in which category I am). This stand-alone episode is a beautiful Christmas fairy tale, and the musics are really lovely.



Scrubs – 1×11- My Own Personal JesusxGujQt2b.640x360.0

Scrubs is a very interesting comedy, it can be very fun and very heartbeaking at the same time. Because Christmas is not a good time for everyone, in this episode we spend the night with JD trying to save a patient in a coma and Turk trying to recover his faith.


What’s up on my screen?

 Which film for Christmas?

Christmas? Love? Film? You have to watch (or watch again) Love Actually. (Boyfriends, run away!)

Joyeux Noël: Ok maybe war is not the best time for Christmas, but it remains a very beautiful movie.

Do you wanna be 10-years-old again? Watch Home Alone 2: Lost In New York.

Because Christmas and Tim Burton are making an awesome mix : The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Thomas POINT, Ilona DUCIEL



What’s up? #3

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Festival of Lights

Last week we talked about the origins of the Festival of Lights. Since this event is finished we can now talk about the financial aspect for Lyon.








 It is very hard to exactly evaluate the 20141205_210923_HDRnumber of visitors but between 3 and 4 million people walked down the streets during these four days. The exact number of curious people drawn by the festival for 2014 are not available for now, but in 2013 the tourism agency of Lyon has registered 60 000 visitors at the office of Bellecour, that corresponds to 30 % of the annual amount of tourists, meantime the SNCF has counted 16 500 additional journeys with respect to a « normal » week end.

As you know the tourists need to sleep, therefore the hotel trade is the main sector impacted by the festival. Between 2012 and 2013 hotels registered an increase of 12,5 % of the number of the persons sleeping in their buildings.

The restaurant industry is also affected; they multiply their incomes by 4 during this period. When we visited Lyon during this celebration with my friends we would like to go in a bar but that was impossible because of the huge number of people waiting for the same thing. To conclude we can say that, in addition to its popular aspect, the festival of lights possesses a financial dimension very important for the city.


The TV show of the week

Two weeks left before Christmas holidays! No drama, no strange science fiction, this week I want to give you dreams and happiness (yeah, I’m like that) with Once Upon A Time. The series takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, in which the residents are actually characters from various fairy tales and other stories that were transported to the “real world” town and robbed of their original memories by the Evil Queen.  Snow White and Prince Charming never have the happy ending they deserve, their daughter was saved from the malediction by being sent in our world and she is now supposed to break the curse. You’re lost? That’s totally fine. I see you coming: no that’s not a show for children, this is actually quite complicated. The particularity of the series is to give a new vision of the fairy tales we know by heart. In the Once Upon A Time’s version of Red Riding Hood, the cute little girl is a werewolf, Snow White is a badass princess, evil witches have a good heart and Peter Pan is a bad guy. The show doesn’t even stop here and introduced other fictional worlds like the world of Oz, Frankenstein story, Wonder World or Arendelle from Frozen (Let it goooooo!).

If you are like me, and you grew up with Disney movies, dreaming of turning into a princess or a pirate, you will fall in love with the unique ambience of the series, and the very touching characters from Hook to Ariel. Spoilers ahead, the entire story of the show is a fairy tale, and each fairy tale comes with a happy end, so don’t except blood and slaughter (#RedWeddingStillHurts). This is also what made the show so enjoyable; sometimes a bit of sweetness is good for the mood.


It will be impossible to really understand what’s happening without watching every episodes of the show, but these one can give you a good idea of what Once Upon A Time looks like:

  • 1×01 Pilot: The best way is to start with the beginning. This very well written episode will convince you of the interest of the show, touching and smart; you will never see the Snow White story the same way.
  • 1×15 Red-Handed: A totally new version a Red Riding Hood, darker and more interesting than it could seem!
  • 1×17 Hat Trick: This episode focus on the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonder World, esthetically beautiful, the created back story of this mysterious fictional character is among the most well done of the series.
  • 2×06 Ariel: Guess what? This one is about a well-know mermaid dreaming of being human. Not revolutionary but still awesome.

What’s up on your screen?

The very last adventure in the Middle Earth comes to the cinema next Wednesday, don’t miss The Hobbit 3: The Battle of the Five Armies.

There is the last trailer of Terminator Genesys with Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes, again), and Emilia Clark (alias Daenerys Stormborn from the House Targaryen, Mother of Dragons…).

Thomas POINT, Ilona DUCIEL

What’s up? #2

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Festival of Lights

As you know Lyon is known throughout the world for a famous celebration: The Festival of Lights.


You will be able to observe magical illuminations created by confirmed artists or incoming ones on different buildings and bridges, at least all of the famous places of the city.  Behind this, you have to consider that there is lot of work made by these people to reach the top of technical lights and make you dream during these nights.

Now I would like to introduce the origins of this festival because, yes it attracts lots of people coming from France but also people from the entire world, that’s why I think that its origins have to be known. So in 1643 Lyon was stuck by plague. The municipal counciliors promised to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary if the town was spared. The city was saved and the people honored this promise. Ever since, a solemn procession makes its way to the Basilica Fourvière to light candles and give offering in the name of the Virgin.

In 1852, it became a popular festival when a statue of the Virgin was erected near the Basilica. The inauguration should have taken place on the 8th of September 1852, day of the birth of the Virgin. Because of the flooding of the Saonne this night, the expected celebration didn’t happen. Instead, people illuminated their windows with little lights. Then the archibishop, with the agreement of a committee of lay people, chose to move the date to the 8th of December, day of the immaculate conception and that was the beginning of this festival.

Hope you will enjoy the 2014 edition!

Practical Informations :


The TV show of the week

This week we are going to talk about a totally different kind of series: Fringe. This science fiction drama was created by J.J. Abrams (producer of Lost, and the next Star Wars film) and is composed of 5 seasons. It’s hard to explain to you why I love Fringe so much without spoiling anything… You can take for instance: a cow, candies, parallel worlds, super powers and a bit of love and mix them together! You will obtain a nice sample of what Fringe looks like. Not convinced? Fine. Fringe focuses on three very touching characters: Olivia Dunham a FBI agent, Walter Bishop a crazy but brilliant scientist and his son Peter, a former genius con. Together they are working on paranormal facts at the limit between supernatural and science.

Obviously science and technology occupy a big place inside the show; you can easily ckeck up on chemical reactions and the relativity theory bywatching Fringe! #FutureEngineer

During the first season it really looks like The X-Files with “the paranormal case of the week”, however it quickly takes a really different and unique way. The mythology of the show becomes very rich and complex. If you are looking for twisted but smart scenarios, Fringe will definitely please you! But don’t forget to turn your brain on before starting an episode… Sometimes very deep and clever, Fringe raises questions about ethics, individuality, consequences and even more. Last advice : be careful, Fringe is highly addictive.


We can’t really understand Fringe if we skip episodes (seriously, don’t fall asleep even one minute!), hence today’s list is more like a -very subjective- best episodes selection.

  • 1×20  There’s More Than One of Everything : I hear you coming “We have to watch 20 episodes before having a good one ? I quit”. Wait a minute, it’s like a good wine, it’s becoming better with time! This episode is totally awesome and makes us understand how amazing the show will be.
  • 2×22 2×23 Over There: Who said parallel worlds?
  • 3×09 Marionette : Do you really think you will never cry in front of a TV show ? Wait and see.
  • 3×19 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide : 50% of film, 50% of 3D animation, 100% of awesomeness.


What’s up on my screen ?

You were waiting for it, the official Star Wars : The Force awakens trailer.

Asterix is back! Go to the cinema if you miss your childhood.

If you’re curious, this is the link for the Disney Christmas movie of the year : Into the Wood.


Thomas POINT, Ilona DUCIEL