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New Year new me. That’s how the saying goes right?

First practiced by the Babylonians in 1750 BC, the new year resolution served the purpose of promising the gods to ‘return borrowed objects  and pay off debts’ (Wikipedia…favorite homework partner since ’01). Personally, this would be great for 2018 because I’m still waiting for that red pen I lent you–you know who you are. Nevertheless, we humans have come a long way and have become much more creative when it comes to writing* out potential lifestyle changes.

*I did say WRITING and not ACHIEVING. They’re two completely different things.

I’d like to take a moment to go back in time and analyse a few things. This is what my list looked like on January 1st 2017:

  1. Lose 5kg and get abs
  2. Pass INSA 1st year
  3. Quit Drinking
  4. Quit Smoking
  5. Help others

In December 2017, after conducting multiple TPs on my tummy, I can confidently tell you that the abs are absent. But hey, at least I can feel them when I press through my belly button. The only thing I earned with this resoltuion is an extra 10 kg to shred for 2018.

Do I drink you ask? I most unfortunately do and I have suffered many of alcohol’s unwanted side effects. However, I’ve had plenty of time to get over the sensation of failure as I had already broken the resolution at a welcome back to INSA party**. At the time, I wasn’t aware those things even existed.

**Proudly organised last minute by the SCAN 1st 2016-2017

“Help others” was one of my favorite new year resolutions. I purposely left it broad without any extra specifications for convenience’s sake. This way helping my biz prepare for her Conception DS falls under the same category as waiting for classmates at the RI’s metal fence so we can all cut the line.

I wanted to make sure that I achieved at least on of my resolutions so I could boost my personal statistics. Quit smoking seemed like an easy one to achieve as I never started. Now I can comfortably stay put in a chemistry lab and enjoy the sight of Muhammad asking the professor for a 5 minute pause every hour.

Lastly, getting through my 1st year was probably the hardest and only resolution I’ve ever succeeded. However, I achieved it with lots of help from my peers around me so I guess it doesn’t really count. I know passing 2nd year is going straight on my 2018 list.

You see. Even I’m disappointed in myself and I assure you I don’t have very high standards. The text above is full of excuses and I’m not taking enough responsib…gosh I sound like my mom.  Even though I should keep this type of information hidden from you, did you know that only 8% of people achieve their resolutions? How sad is that? I mean, of course I feel so much better that 92% of the people around me that wrote their resolution lists on New Year’s Eve didn’t make it either. But that one guy that made it. I’m internally jealous. He’s the one getting 300+ likes on Insta with his new abs…not me 🙁 .

Anywho, what I want for 2018 is that you and I both succeed in every single resolution we set ourselves to meet. Tell yourself that you already have what it takes to be part of those 8% just by being here at INSA. In case you haven’t connected the dots, you were chosen to make up a promotion of 800-1000 out of 15,000-16,000 applicants. You’ve already been in the 5-6%. You know what it takes and have it in you.

Remember. Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles.

Article Written by: Paul BRET